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Kat Graham reveals she has selected her wedding dress designer

She might be the most laid-back-bride-to-be in Hollywood,but we are confident her big day will be filled with a special sentiment.
The Vampire Diaries star who is engaged to Cottrell Guidry, recently took sometime out of her busy schedule and sat down with E! News to share some insight on the wedding planning process.
From the sound of things, she’s easing into this new chapter of her life quite naturally.
“My fiancĂ© is easy going like me. We like the same things. We’re just a couple of California beach bums” she laughed.
One thing for sure …..Kat will be the opposite of a bridezilla.
“It’s basically done now!” she said with an amused smile of the planning process, and also says she counter on her costar Candice Accola for a little support along the way.
“She has helped me a lot and I have learned how to define my wedding style and what it means” Graham said.
She has settled on a wedding gown but remained tight-lipped with specific details. “I know who the designer is, but I can’t say anything else”, she said with a sparkle in her eye.