Who wore it better?

Bella Thorne vs Kacey Musgraves in Blumarine

There should be some kind of rule around the timeline of a full-on-fashion steal. For example 11 days is way too soon for Bella to wear the exact same dress that Kacey wore to the CMAs. The Blowin’ smoke singer was considered one of the best dressed of the event.
The Shake it Up star decided to go on with the steal regardless.
The only difference in these identical Blumarine gowns is the choice of hair. Kacey went with long flowing curls while Bella opted for a braided updo.
I feel the gorgeous lace gown calls for something more than an average look, which makes me feel Bella won, but still pissed at her for such a blatant copy, especially at the major The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere.
You be the judge, Who wore it best?



3 thoughts on “Who wore it better?

  1. They both look amazing, but I must say Kacey Musgraves has won this battle! I find her skin tone allows the dress to shine, Bella Thorne’s skin tone is a little too washed out in this dress xx

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