With so many styles to choose from,
Skinny, boyfriend, flare, boot-cut—there are so many cute jean styles!

The most important thing to remember is that the right jeans for you are the ones you like the most.It really does depend on the girl and how comfortable she is with her body.

That being said, I have some tips for you

Skinny jeans look awesome on slim frames with narrow hips and thighs. Super skinny jeans should be avoided, however. (Who wants to look like a stick!) Looking to create the illusion of curves? Try light-washed jeans or jeans with pre-fabricated whiskers (the fading created from creases in the front pocket area of jeans); this can help to fill out thinner frames.

Shorter girls can wear nearly any jeans style, but the case can be made against styles with cuffs, such as boyfriend jeans, as they can have a shrinking effect. The good news is that skinny jeans work well for most petites, as do straight and wide-leg styles.

Pear shaped
Jeans that sit just above the hip are best—this can help soften curves. A good thing to keep in mind when it comes to shade and color is that dark washes are slimming. Stay away from jeans with whiskering as this effect can make hips look wide.

Girls with curves look good in most types of jeans. Refer to the guidelines for pear shaped in terms of wash and whiskering. Pockets with lots of embellishments or flaps should not be invited to the wardrobe party.

Models are tall, and they look amazing in pretty much everything! That said, jeans with long inseams—that’s the seam on the pant’s inner leg from the crotch to the hem—are best. Ideally, the hem will hit at the ankle bone. Also, boyfriend jeans, cuffed styles, and skinny jeans are super cute on long legs.

Bonus Tips!
1. Be sure to sit down in the dressing room when you’re trying on jeans. You definitely want to know how they look and fell when they have to bend!

2. Don’t focus too much on the size on the tag. Buy a pair that fits well. Sizes vary from maker to maker.

3. When you find a pair that fits, consider buying two—one for flats and one for heels!



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